Paul Jeon

Software Engineer, Future KPOP Star, Data Analyst, Product Manager

About Me

Hi There! I'm Paul and I tend to always find myself in interesting situations. I love being unconventional and going on adventures.
Here's a little about me:

- Eats endless bowls of KBBQ
- Sleeps through four different alarms in the morning
- Runs a record-breaking 14 minute mile

- Memorial Stadium: Bleeding blue & gold at football games
- MainStacks Library: Coding my next evil genius invention
- Haas Pavillion: Dancing my heart out with my team

- Theft: Learns different programs without expensive tutors
- Disorderly Conduct: Actually drives 45mph at a 45mph zone
- Deceit: Avoids bad hair days through snapbacks
- Public Indecency: Wears basketball shoes but sucks at basketball

What I love to do


I live to learn. I believe that there is a learning experience in every failure. I strive to learn from my personal losses & seek out for advice to gain a broader understanding of the world.


I love to design and sketch new products - I want to develop products that perform complex functions with simple commands. I believe clean user interface is the key to a sustainable product.


I am a huge fan of creating different prototypes of new ideas. I believe that there lies a certain beauty of producing new iterations of products that exceeds the former ones.


I volunteer at my high school during summer to help grow its Speech and Debate Program - I absolutely love working with kids who want to voice their opinions about the world!


I've worked at rapidly growing startups as well as established corporations. I've also led multiple teams on different consulting projects. These experiences give a well-rounded perspective on how to understand and tackle difficult problems using data-driven techniques.

  • Education

  • University of California, Berkeley

    - Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Computer Science & Business
    - Involved in student government, dance organizations & business clubs
    - Received four undergraduate scholarships

  • CMG Strategy Consulting | President

    Led 30-member organization providing strategy consulting for over 25+ clients such as Google, Uber, and Airbnb

  • Eluci Foundation | Founder

    Founded a 501c3 non-profit organization that raised over $1,500+ through Indiegogo campaigns for charities

  • Professional Experience

  • LinkedIn | Product Analytics

    Implemented an alert system that tracks KPIs and maps industry benchmarks to objective-oriented client lifecycle journey

  • eBay | Software Engineering

    Created and managed a new data management tool for the seller lifecycle with the vertical integration team

  • SAP | Product Management

    Developed front and back end of an user-centered code review tool to enhance accessibility, create simple user interface, and implement new features.

  • Lucid | Data Engineering & Analytics

    Utilized SQL queries and python scripts to analyze large data sets, visualize emergent trends, and to optimize product efficiency.


Winning Awards


Personal Projects


Team Meetings

too many

Cups of Coffee


These are my projects that I've developed or contributed to. My main interests and previous projects lie in web development, application design, and data-related programs. I'm always working on a new project - stay tuned for more!

Airbnb Data Analysis
Data Analysis

Using the Inside Airbnb listings data for San Francisco, I was able to understand popular trends and predict prices. Written in Python (packages: numpy, pandas, scikit-learn, mpl_toolkits, matplotlib), this project is meant to give deeper understanding of the airbnb listing data, and introduce how powerful and convenient scikit-learn package's algorithm functions are.

Full Analysis Here

Mobile Application Design

During my internship at eBay, my hackathon team made a product concept for a gifting app that focuses on millennials. We compiled all our design, research and ideas into the slidedeck and a visual demo.

Full Deck Here

Eluci Foundation
Non-Profit & Design

I founded a 501c3 non-profit organization that seeks to empower miniorities and raise social awareness through design projects. Raised $1,500+ through an Indiegogo Campaign to donate to charity.

Full Indiegogo Campaign Here

eBay ME
Product Design & Presentation

At eBay's annual intern conference, I pitched eBay Me: A selling platform for services and labor. The idea was to allow people to sell not only physical items, but also intangible knowledge and experience. The presentation was in front of over 200+ interns, along with few chief executives.

Full Presentation Here


Design meets Development: How you can build a personal website
Published August 2, 2017

I believe it's important to make sure one's digital brand stays up to date and up to quality. Having your own website (like this one!) is a fantastic way to showcase your personality, experience and skills. I've detailed how anyone can create a beautiful personal website in this article.


Beginner's Roadmap to Data Science
Published June 8, 2016

Data Science is a very popular emerging field among engineers. It's often difficult to navigate a field that's new and broad. I've outlined 7 specific sub-fields of data science that starting engineers could learn and discover to become master data scientists in the future!


Blog & Photography

I love storytelling, traveling and taking photos.


Connect with me!
If you have any inquiries, or would like to speak to me about any opportunities, don't hesitate to shoot me an email at or send me a LinkedIn message.